Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SiTime Introduces First kHz Frequency Silicon MEMS Oscillator

SiTime introduced the industry's first kHz frequency silicon MEMS oscillator for audio, microcontroller and high reliability industrial applications. The Sunnyvale, California-based company already offers a portfolio of Silicon MEMS-based, megahertz (MHz) frequency, differential oscillators, clock generators, VCXOs, spread spectrum timing products and embedded resonators.

The new SiT8503 offers programmable support for any frequency between 200 kHz and 1000 kHz (with accuracy up to 5 decimal places), which supports a wide range of applications and allows the customer to optimize the frequency for their application. The device supports configurable operating voltages of 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.8V or 3.3V eliminating the need for expensive, external, level translators. Like SiTime's' other MEMS products, the device offers extreme ruggedness with shock resistance of up to 50,000 G and vibration resistance of up to 70 G.

"The SiT8503 leverages its silicon MEMS technology and programmable architecture to offer many unique features that are not available from quartz, such as frequency and voltage configurability, small size, low power and extreme ruggedness," said Piyush Sevalia, vice president of marketing at SiTime. "SiTime's growing customer base is rapidly replacing their quartz oscillators with Silicon MEMS solutions. In addition, our industry-leading portfolio of silicon timing solutions is enabling us to become a strategic supplier of timing components to
large OEMs worldwide."http://www.sitime.com

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