Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rollout of Australia's NBN to Proceed

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard vowed to press ahead with the rollout of the $43 billion National Broadband Network, with an emphasis placed on rural deployment ahead of urban areas. The pledge to bring the NBN to rural areas first helped Gillard to secure political support from two independent MPs needed to form her minority government.

BN Co's management and its 300 employees welcomed the resolution of the political impasse, saying it looks forward to getting the rollout underway.

  • In June 2010, NBN Co., the consortium established to design, build and operate Australia's forthcoming wholesale-only National Broadband Network (NBN), reached an agreement with Telstra that would provide access to Telstra facilities and the progressive migration of Telstra traffic onto the National Broadband Network, subject to regulatory approval.

  • NBN Co was established in April 2009 to design, build and operate a wholesale-only national high-speed broadband network for all Australians. In the fibre footprint, the network will deliver broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps, subject to the retail plan chosen.