Monday, September 6, 2010

Procera Updates its PacketLogic Subscriber Manager

Procera Networks released an updated version its PacketLogic Subscriber Manager (PSM) suite, featuring a significant increase in performance that enables 50,000 subscribers to be provisioned per second. Version 5 of the software adds a new administration user interface (GUI) for intuitive configuration, integration setup, creation and modification of service packages, and adjustments to accommodate new network conditions.

Core functionality in PSM is mapping of subscriber ID (SID) to the then current IP address or IP addresses, which enables policies to be defined per subscriber, even when IP addresses are dynamically assigned. This is done by integrating PSM with operations (OSS) and authentication systems like RADIUS, policy control (PCRF) and DHCP through standard interfaces. Now individual and personalized service plans can be implemented, managed and monitored. Standard PSM interfaces are also used to export billing and charging information to BSS and OCS.

"PacketLogic Subscriber Manager has quickly become a central component in virtually all PacketLogic installations," said Jon Lindén, Procera's vice president of global marketing. "DPI has always offered application awareness. Adding subscriber, location and device awareness opens a Pandora's box of opportunities in network forensics, network optimization and service creation."

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