Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poland's Mobyland Readies LTE 1800 Network

Poland's Mobyland, in partnership with CenterNet Mobile, is preparing to launch commercial LTE services in the 1800MHz band. Ther service will be delivered with 20 MHz channels, and the company expects this will enable it to reach data download speeds initially of up to 153 Mbps (and ultimately at 326 Mbps) and data uploads of 48 Mbps (and ultimately at 86 Mbps).

The network is being rolled out in locations where GSM 1800 has been in use, which means that the Mobyland signal will be available both Poland's larger cities and smaller locations.

"Our plans assume that at the end of 2010 the number of base stations in operation will reach 700 and the LTE network will cover over 7 million people," says Adam Kuriański, the President of CenterNet and a board member of Mobyland.

Huawei is listed as the lead supplier for the network.