Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oclaro Delivers 100Gbps LLiNbO3 Modulators

Oclaro has extended its 100 Gbps portfolio with new LiNbO3 "PM100" modulators. The PM100 modulator supports the generally accepted Dual Polarization-QPSK modulation scheme; each of four parallel MZI's running at speeds of up to 32 Gbaud.

Oclaro said the very advanced, spectrally efficient QPSK modulation format, combined with the polarization multiplexing scheme, guarantees compatibility with 50 GHz optical channel spacing and more than doubles the capacities of conventional 40G transmission.

The PM100 modulators are sampling today to customers and general availability is expected in early 2011.

"This announcement demonstrates Oclaro's continued commitment to support the most advanced telecom applications and also highlights the success behind our recent investments in ClariPhy and Mintera," said Adam Price, Executive Vice President and Division Manager at Oclaro.

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