Friday, September 3, 2010

NEC Debuts iPASOLINK Microwave for LTE Backhaul

NEC launched its next generation iPASOLINK microwave platform designed for LTE backhaul. The modular, all-in-one converged design of iPASOLINK incorporates packet, microwave and optical technologies.

NEC said the core of its iPASOLINK platform is a powerful traffic switch which delivers efficient aggregation, advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features and low latency. The new platform leverages NEC's high-capacity microwave transmission technology, which is capable of Gigabits-per-second of throughput using high modulation and a Cross Polarization Interface Canceller (XPIC) technology. In future releases, iPASOLINK will support multiple 10Gbps optical WDM interfaces. Hardware functionality can be tailored to each network application with the use of plug-and-play modules, while advanced traffic management features can be added through non-service-affecting, pay-as-you-grow software upgrades.

"The NEC iPASOLINK is a game changer: it is designed to support the evolution from today's hybrid TDM and Ethernet backhaul towards the full IP transport required by LTE, while significantly reducing the cost of ownership thanks to its all-in-one converged design," said Hiroyasu Ishii, General Manager of the Global Network Division, Global Carrier Solutions Operations Unit, NEC Corporation.

NEC noted that since the launch of its PASOLINK products in the early 1980s, PASOLINK has been widely adopted as a microwave communications system for mobile backhaul, with shipments of approximately 1.5 million units throughout 141 countries.