Sunday, September 19, 2010

Infinera Enables Programmable Multi-Service OTN Switching

Infinera is enabling new OTN (Optical Transport Network) capabilities the introduction of both hardware and software enhancements to its family of optical platforms.

The hardware enhancements are new Tributary Adapter Modules for the DTN digital ROADM core WDM system and new Service Interface Modules for the ATN metro/access WDM system. These new modules enable OTN, Ethernet, FibreChannel, SONET/SDH, and wavelength services with per-port programmability. They are compatible with field-deployed DTNs and ATNs, simplify sparing, and expand service delivery.

New software includes Infinera's latest release of the Digital Network Administrator (DNA Release 6), providing even better integration of end-to-end mixed DTN/ATN networks and a host of accelerated-workflow applications to speed and simplify common network operations tasks. The new products have already begun shipping and are planned to be generally available by next month.

Infinera said its approach offers full compatibility with international OTN standards while providing the added benefits of its Digital Optical Networks architecture. OTN promises to simplify, flatten, and reduce capital and operating cost in optical networks. However, most vendor implementations of OTN have been piecemeal to date. The Infinera DTN supports OTN switching at every node, enabling grooming and switching of OTN-encapsulated client services to maximize service reconfigurability and network performance monitoring throughout the network, for increased network bandwidth efficiency. The enhancements announced today add the capability to support native OTN end-to-end services from metro/edge networks across backbone/core networks and standard-compliant OTN networking across multiple operator networks.

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