Monday, September 13, 2010

Ericsson Unveils 21Mbps Embedded HSPA module

Ericsson introduced its most advanced HSPA mobile broadband module for notebooks, netbooks and tablets. The F5521gw module is capable of download speeds of up to 2 1Mbps with upload speeds reaching 5.76 Mbps.

It is based on ST-Ericsson's silicon and features embedded GPS functionality and Ericsson's unique Wake-on Wireless capability. This provides the ability to remotely "wake" the device, subscribe to content push services and receive updates at any time. When combined with GPS, enterprise features such as remote manageability, asset protection and tracking, geofencing and security updates are also possible.

The module is also interoperable with the latest generation of Intel Anti-Theft Technology (version 3.0), which offers a proactive security capability by remotely disabling a computer using encrypted text messages even when the operating system is not running (out-of-band). Combined with Ericsson's Wake-on-Wireless feature and appropriate laptop support, a lost or stolen PC may be immediately disabled, decreasing the amount of time it is vulnerable to attacks.

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