Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colt Tests 100 Gigabit Ethernet Client Services with Infinera

Colt has completed a field trial of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) services using Infinera systems in London and Frankfurt. The 100GbE service was passed over the 861 kilometer route from London to Frankfurt on Colt's low latency network. Testing and verification of the transmission were performed with an EXFO FTB-85 100 Gbps Packet Blazer tester.
The prototype Infinera 100GbE interfaces are fully compliant with the new IEEE 802.3ba standard.

Infinera noted that its next generation of Infinera PICs will have data capacity of 500 Gbps.

"We were pleased to work with Infinera on the first trial of this equipment in Europe. It is important that we support the development of next generation optical transport technologies that will allow us to meet customer demand for very high speed Ethernet services," stated Colt's Chief Technology Officer, Luke Broome.

  • Earlier this month, Infinera and XO Communication announced the completion of a field trial of 100 100G coherent transmission technology. The tests, which ran over a 1348km route between Denver and Dallas on XO's network, used Infinera’s new 500 Gigabit per second (500G) photonic integrated circuits (PICs), which each integrate five 100G channels. The fiber route is built with Infinera’s 100G-ready ILS WDM line system, which provides scalable fiber capacity up to 8 Tbps.

  • During the field trial the ILS system was carrying 10G and 100G channels simultaneously. The 100G channel was transmitted using PM-QPSK modulation and coherent detection to enable error-free unrepeatered transmission over ultra-long haul distances.