Sunday, September 5, 2010

BT's Openreach to Test Fibre Nomination Scheme

BT's Openreach is launching a trial whereby it will allow communications providers (CPs) to nominate exchanges for fibre enablement as part of its superfast fibre roll out. Under the trial, which will run from September to December 2010, participating CPs being permitted to nominate up to six exchanges each in return for certain commercial commitments, including to guarantee that ten percent of premises will be using its fibre broadband within a year. If this doesn't happen, the CP will be liable for any costs incurred by Openreach in amending its deployment plan. The trial is only open to CPs that are already buying Openreach's Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) product.

Openreach has previously announced plans to enable fibre broadband from exchanges serving two thirds of UK premises (approximately 16.5 million premises) by 2015, but so far has only revealed phases covering approximately 6 million premises.


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