Thursday, September 2, 2010

AT&T Extends Uverse with Pair Bonding, Vectoring

AT&T is extending its U-verse reach with technologies including pair bonding, "G-vectoring" and micronodes, writes John Donovan, AT&T's Chief Technology Officer, in a company blog.

Pair bonding uses two copper wire pairs (instead of one) for each customer. An iNID device is installed outside the home to connect these wires and improve the signal.

G-vectoring predicts interference over the copper wire and helps mitigate crosstalk that can degrade the signal.

Micronodes bring fiber closer to the home, reducing the distance required for copper and enhancing the effectiveness of other technologies. Donovan says this strategy also helps with "spectrum expansion," which broadens the useful range of the communications channel to create even more capacity.

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