Monday, September 6, 2010

Aricent Offers Mobile Service Assurance for 4G

Aricent has added a Mobile Service Assurance focus to its OSS practice to help global service providers optimize network and service quality, especially as they transition to 4G networks. The company said its approach to Service Assurance is to provide a unified, integrated approach for managing service quality and user experience based on events, service and network performance.

Currently, 7 of the top 10 communication service providers leverage Aricent's expertise in Architecture, Design, and Integration Testing across networks, services, devices, applications and BSS/OSS systems. Aricent now sees network operators looking to modernize their mobile assurance operations with new tools and solutions to maximize the quality of experience, reduce expense, and improve profits through improved subscriber retention.

Aricent's Mobile Service Assurance Framework extends from basic element and network monitoring to Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Quality Management. The plan takes a five-phased approach that addresses key factors, including technology, objectives, competitive position, strategy and existing capabilities, essential for successful mobile operations.

"Service assurance is a top priority for mobile network operators today as they manage an unprecedented change in the communications landscape. As the surge in devices, applications, and traffic continues, assuring network and service quality is critical to enabling competitive success," said Ajay Gupta, sr. vice president at Aricent. "Our deep experience with carrier networks, devices, and service, from 2G to 3G and now 4G, has created a unique competency within Aricent's consultants and engineers to help network operators in this critical area which has a big impact on profitability and market share."

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