Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alcatel-Lucent Completes First Call over LTE in Public Safety Band

Alcatel-Lucent has completed its first data call over LTE using Band 14 spectrum earmarked for public safety agencies in the United States. The FCC has designated 10 MHz of spectrum (paired 5 MHz carriers) in the upper 700 MHz band for Public Safety Broadband communications. This spectrum, together with the adjacent D block constitutes the 3GPP Band 14.

"This achievement represents an important step toward revolutionizing public safety networks as it establishes the readiness of LTE as a technology to enable broadband data applications," said Morgan Wright, Vice President, Global Public Safety Segment at Alcatel-Lucent. "This call also demonstrates Alcatel-Lucent's expertise in designing and deploying LTE solutions to address the unique needs of the public safety sector and marks an important milestone in support of the Public Safety solution that Alcatel-Lucent is delivering to this critical market."


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