Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ADC Extends WiMAX with In-Building Wireless Systems

ADC's InterReach Fusion distributed antenna system (DAS) has been deployed to extend WiMAX coverage and capacity inside a major airport and three hospitals. Specifically, he largest WiMAX operator in the United States is using ADC's InterReach Fusion system in Washington Reagan National Airport, and in VA hospitals in Dallas, San Antonio, and Temple, Texas.

ADC's DAS use 2x2 Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) technology to increase signal quality and double the throughput. Densely populated areas will require smaller cells to provide the needed uplink performance. The company said its system simplifies MIMO deployments for WiMAX and LTE because it can drive both MIMO antennas from each remote antenna location with a single CATV cable. Systems based on heavy coaxial cabling require separate cables for each antenna.

ADC system performance tests have shown that the InterReach Fusion system delivers WiMAX access speeds of 13 Mbps upstream and 28 Mbps downstream.

"WiMAX uses high frequencies that attenuate quickly, so an in-building wireless solution that supports MIMO is essential for indoor coverage," said John Spindler, vice president of product management at ADC's Network Solutions business unit. "With these deployments and others in the pipeline, ADC adds WiMAX to the services it supports for major mobile operators worldwide."http://www.adc.com

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