Monday, September 6, 2010

Aculab Releases Application Development Platform

Aculab introduced its AMS Server application development platform for helping developers access the telephony and media server functionality of its Prosody S Host Media Processing (HMP) platform using high-level object-oriented programming languages.

The AMS Server enables the use of high-level languages, such as C# for the .Net environment and Python for open-source and Linux, in conjunction with application programming interfaces (APIs) into the media processing platform. The core functionality of Aculab's HMP platform is controlled through a highly effective C language API. By its nature, C requires relatively complex commands and syntax. The C# and Python APIs, now available with AMS Server, abstract the complex, low-level telephony processes inherent in the underlying C language structure and capabilities, and eliminate the need to deal with these issues when accessing or controlling the media server or telephony functions.