Tuesday, September 28, 2010

3GPP to Include RF Pattern Matching LBS in Release 10

The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards organization has technically endorsed RF Pattern Matching technology for incorporation into its 3G UMTS specifications. The endorsement was made by the Radio Access Network (RAN) Work Group 2 on UMTS during the recent 3GPP standards meeting in Madrid. RF Pattern Matching will be incorporated into Release 10 of the 3G UMTS specifications, expected to become final in late 2010 or early 2011. This will also set the stage for opportunities to incorporate RF Pattern Matching into LTE and other future air interfaces.

Polaris Wireless, which supplies high-accuracy software-based wireless location solutions using Radio Frequency (RF) Pattern Matching, said the endorsement will lead to a higher level of location-based services (LBS) accuracy and improved experiences for wireless customers compared with current Cell-ID based technologies.

"The decision to incorporate RF Pattern Matching into the 3G UMTS specifications is needed for all service providers wanting to provide the highest-SLA option for LBS as it gives them more credible options for public safety and commercial applications," said Manlio Allegra, president and chief executive officer at Polaris Wireless. "This level of LBS accuracy will create an improved user experience for wireless customers, which ultimately generates additional revenue streams for carriers and other enterprises offering LBS applications."

Polaris also noted that the FCC is currently considering new E911 Phase II regulations that would improve indoor location capabilities for first responders. Using RF Pattern Matching, Polaris' WLS software solution enables carriers and OEMs to be prepared to meet these new FCC requirements with little or no investment in new infrastructure or hardware.