Sunday, August 22, 2010

Xelerated Samples its Programmable Ethernet Switches

Xelerated has begun sampling its AX family of programmable Ethernet switches, designed for high-capacity access systems, including point-to-point Ethernet, GE and 10GE, as well as point-to-multipoint EPON, GPON, 10GEPON and XGPON.

Xelerated's wirespeed dataflow architecture and AX family integrates Ethernet MAC, switching, programmable packet processing and traffic management into a single chip. The AX family consists of four devices: AX340, AX310, AX240, and AX210. They differ in capacity and in traffic management capabilities. The chips enable unified processing of subscriber sessions and OAM functions -- key components of a carrier grade data plane. System vendors can now build fiber access line cards and pizza boxes supporting advanced broadband services at 50-88 Gbps duplex using a single chip.

In addition, Xelerated highlighted its support for Synchronous Ethernet and Packet Time Protocol (PTP-2008) for distribution of synchronization services. These capabilities are required in Packet Transport Network (PTN) and mobile backhaul networks, including fiber-based mobile backhaul networks in China.

Xelerated is also releasing a range of software, development tools and a hardware reference design kit (RDK). A full-featured data plane software designed specifically for the Unified Fiber Access market will also be available to reduce development time for FTTx system vendors.