Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wavesat Develop Tri-Band LTE Reference Design for Consumer Handsets

Wavesat introduced a tri-band LTE reference design for use in the development of handset devices, USB dongles and consumer premises equipment. The reference design, based on the Odyssey 9000 platform, supports three frequencies to assist in the rollout of LTE services.

Wavesat said its multi-protocol architecture allows the Odyssey series of chipsets to support multiple 4G technologies, including LTE and WiMAX, on the same silicon. It features performance of 100 Mbps downlink, 50 Mbps uplink for mobile devices including USB dongles, data cards, mobile handsets and MIDs. It supports both FDD and TDD duplex schemes and comes complete with an LTE protocol stack including MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC and NAS layers, as well as reference design kits for manufacturing dongles and CPE.

"Our customer engagements and multiple trial activities around the world have clearly highlighted the critical requirement for a flexible product of this nature," said Raj Singh, President and CEO of Wavesat.

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