Monday, August 23, 2010

VSS Monitoring Raises $20 Million for its Distributed Taps

VSS Monitoring, a start-up based in Burlingame, California, secured $20 million in venture funding for its distributed traffic capture system for network and security monitoring. The company's Distributed Traffic Capture Systems provide an intelligent and robust platform for centralized monitoring, tool optimization, and scalability for the network monitoring and security infrastructure.

VSS Monitoring said its business is experiencing strong growth due to several trends, including the increased virtualization of data centers, the flattening of next generation networks, and the proliferation of IP based service in mobile networks. Its customer based includes more than 1,000 enterprises, government agencies and service providers around the world.

For 4G/LTE networks, VSS Monitoring is developing a hierarchical framework capable of providing a network-wide view of traffic in real-time as well as packet-level visibility at any network node. The company said its "Network Monitoring 2.0" adopts a systems approach with no single point of failure. The system promises low-latency and scales to a worldwide distributed network. Essentially, by decoupling the monitoring infrastructure from the core network, the traffic capture system can act as a universal access layer for all monitoring tools. The traffic capture layer is possible because the network taps are distributed and intelligent.

The funding, which came from Battery Ventures, represents the first institutional round of financing for VSS. The company was founded in 2003 and has been self-funded since then. It now has about 90 employees and is planning to expand.

"Our business is experiencing tremendous momentum at a time when the network performance and operations management market is about to explode," said Martin Breslin, VSS Monitoring founder and CEO. "Partnering with Battery will help VSS continue to develop and deliver highly innovative solutions. Battery's already proven success in the networking sector made the firm a natural fit and we believe their domain expertise will be invaluable to us."

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