Monday, August 23, 2010

Virgin Mobile USA Offers $40 Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Virgin Mobile USA, which is now one of Sprint's prepaid brands, introduced a $40 unlimited mobile broadband plan. Available tomorrow online and rolling out at retail in the coming weeks, the new offer replaces the previous $20, $40 and $60 plans. The $40 plan provides unlimited usage for one month. A lower tier $10 for 100MB of prepaid mobile broadband over 10 days is also available. The service operates over Sprint's Nationwide Network and customers need their own modem.

"Many unlimited broadband offerings require a contract or are on networks with limited range, so they don't meet the need for flexibility or true mobility," said Neil Lindsay, chief marketing officer, Virgin Mobile USA. "The introduction of Virgin Mobile's prepaid unlimited broadband for $40 a month will provide the access you need on a nationwide network without a contract."

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