Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Texas Energy Network Deploys LTE for Oil/Gas Industry

Texas Energy Network (TEN), a new venture founded by Greg Casey (formerly head of Qwest's wholesale group), announced plans to deploy LTE technology in a national network to serve oil and gas fields across the U.S.

TEN will deliver services to address specific field applications such as SCADA data collection and control, remote field and mobile office services, critical alarm and security monitoring. Additional applications will include voice, video, file and data transfer, VPN, and Internet access in the field.

TEN will hold a major demonstration in New Mexico in conjunction with Alcatel-Lucent, which will provide all the wireless technology for the end-to-end LTE network using its LTE on Wheels truck. The demo will show a live LTE network with working data devices such as laptops with 1 Mbps data uplink speeds. Using this technology, the network could be connected directly to an oil site sensor or linked to a monitoring camera on a pipeline sending back live video images.

Stanley Hughey, Chief Technology Officer of TEN said "TEN‘s goal is to provide a single, carrier grade, end-to-end, IP only service that will transit data from remote field locations. The ability to deliver data at greater bandwidths with less latency will drive next generation applications and will, without a doubt, improve security, visibility and productivity in virtually every remote process."

Texas Energy Network is based in Houston.