Monday, August 2, 2010

Sourcefire to Accelerate Snort with Intel Pattern Matching Technology

Sourcefire, the creators of Snort, plans to integrate Intel's QuickAssist Pattern Matching Technology. Snort is the world's most widely deployed IPS.

Specifically, Snort 2.9, now in beta, leverages the Intel QuickAssist Technology Pattern Matching mechanism to replace Snort's internal Pattern Matching engine, which is used to select Snort rules for deeper inspection.

The companies said Intel's QuickAssist technology will enable higher throughput and lower latency for Snort, improving Snort's speed and extending its protection capabilities.

"The Intel QuickAssist Technology Pattern Matching service is perfectly suited for deep packet inspection applications such as intrusion detection and prevention systems," said Steve Price, Director of Marketing, Power Performance Division at Intel. "Security solutions such as Snort are able to advance protection efforts and add significant performance improvements through the use of Intel's API."

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