Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Industry Reaction to Google-Verizon Net Neutrality Agreement

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps: "Some will claim this announcement moves the discussion forward. That's one of its many problems. It is time to move a decision forward--a decision to reassert FCC authority over broadband telecommunications, to guarantee an open Internet now and forever, and to put the interests of consumers in front of the interests of giant corporations."

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA): "We believe this is a step in the right direction towards consensus and a possible solution to the uncertainty created by the Comcast decision. The Verizon and Google announcement rightly addressed important issues such as the need for network management, recognizing that a managed network is necessary to ensure reliable broadband service."

Level 3's John M. Ryan, assistant chief legal officer and head of Regulatory Affairs: "While there is much to praise in the Verizon-Google statement, there are also areas that require more attention. Allowing last-mile access network owners to create a "paid priority" data service raises a number of concerns, especially since most consumers have a choice of only two wired broadband Internet suppliers, and since contention for limited capacity seems inevitable because consumers' demand for broadband is greater than the existing networks' capacity.

Consumer Watchdog's John M. Simpson: "There are two fundamental flaws First, it sets up a two-tiered structure. There would be a so-called 'Public Internet,' but then the ISPs would be allowed to offer new premium services outside that basic service. How long to you think anything of interest would be available on the 'Public Internet'? "Second, no neutrality principles would apply to the wireless world. Everyone agrees mobile is clearly the Internet's future. Allowing data discrimination in the broadband wireless world completely undermines the future of the Internet."http://www.fcc.govhttp://www.tiaonline.com

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