Sunday, August 1, 2010

SK Telecom Teams with Google for Android Market in Korea

SK Telecom and Google announced a deal aimed at strengthening the Android Market in Korea. The agreement includes provisions to cooperate on launching carrier billing for Android Market, setting up the Company Channel and supporting Android application developers.

SK Telecom and Google plan to launch carrier billing for purchases made on Android Market. With the introduction of carrier billing, SK Telecom users will be able to pay for Android Market content by having fees charged directly to their monthly mobile bills. Applications will be priced in the local currency (Korean Won) to prevent any confusion stemming from foreign exchange rate fluctuations.

SK Telecom plans to introduce and recommend useful applications for their subscribers by rolling out a SK Telecom channel on the main page of Android Market. The company said this will enable SK Telecom's Android phone users to discover high quality applications most relevant to their interests.

In addition, SK Telecom plans to strengthen its efforts to support developers by establishing the Open Innovation Center. Its previous efforts include application contests and the operation of T Academy.

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