Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PARC Wins Research Grant for Content-Centric Networking

PARC, which is a division of Xerox, is one of four project teams chosen by the been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to pursue ways to build a "Future Internet Architecture" (FIA).

PARC will be collaborating with nine universities in a team led by UCLA for "Named-Data-Networking (NDN)" in a grant worth up to $8 million. NSF describes the NDN project as follows:

Today's traditional approach to communications is based on a client-server model…where data contained within IP packets are transported along a single path. Today, however, the most predominant use of the Internet is centered on content creation, dissemination, and delivery…The proposed Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture moves the communication paradigm from today's focus on "where", i.e., addresses, servers, and hosts, to "what", i.e., the content that users and applications care about. By naming data instead of their location (IP address), NDN transforms data into first-class entities…[and] secures the content and provides essential context for security. This approach allows…[for example] the potential to move content along multiple paths to

The project, which was launched by PARC Research Fellow Van Jacobson four years ago, already has produced early protocol specifications and open source software.

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