Sunday, August 29, 2010

NSN Partners with Telefónica on Smartphone Experience Lab

The future lies in "smart networks for smart devices" said Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks, speaking at the 24th annual Spanish telecoms summit in Santander, Spain. To help chard this future, NSN will create a "Smartphone Experience Lab" based in Telefónica premises in Madrid. The lab is investigating ideal configurations between mobile handsets, applications and networks to minimize any negative network impact from smart devices, improve resource consumption as well as better handset and application performance, and to ultimately provide people with the best possible user experience. The outcomes from the Lab's activities will include guidelines on the optimum network and handset configurations and application development.

"Networks need to transform - now - to cope with the huge amounts of signalling and data traffic smart devices generate. Our approach is the only one that can cope with this explosion, while preparing operators for the fast-approaching roll-out of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks," said Rajeev Suri.

Suri also confirmed that private equity firms have expressed interest investing in the company. Suri said reflects a turnaround underway at the company.

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