Sunday, August 1, 2010

Motorola Offers Encrypted Bluetooth Earpiece for First Responders

Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Solutions business introduced an encrypted, mission critical, Bluetooth earpiece for secure communications when paired with the Motorola APX-series portable radios.

Designed specifically for the needs of first responders, Motorola's Mission Critical Wireless Earpiece provides simple pairing and fast push-to-talk. Mission Critical Wireless is enabled by adding an option board or enhanced expansion board to an APX radio. Secure pairing is simplified with Motorola's exclusive ultra-short range pairing system. During the pairing process, the Bluetooth IDs and a strong 128 bit key are exchanged to ensure transmission security is virtually unbreakable. The earpiece pairs within an inch of the APX radio and is nearly undetectable beyond a few inches. It takes only two seconds to pair and less than five seconds for the wireless connection to be ready to use.

Motorola said the new earpiece is designed for strenuous environments and has been optimized to provide loud, clear audio in noisy conditions, while allowing essential on-scene sounds to be heard.