Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harris Unveils BeOn -- Global Push-to-Talk Enterprise Solution

Harris introduced its "BeOn" push-to-talk solution designed to enable enterprises to have managed group communications anywhere in the world using both 3G and 4G cellular networks. The goal is to enable users to communicate instantly on a host of commercial smartphones or rugged devices with one or many people, over multiple GSM-based wireless carriers--domestic and international.

The Harris BeOn solution offers traditional land mobile radio features such as group calling, individual calling, group scanning, distress calls, and dispatch/administrative services, while integrating wireless services such as user location, user presence/status, and text messaging.

The solution is built on the Harris integrated VIDA (Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access) network platform, currently deployed by public safety, public services and large private sector entities. VIDA enables high performance Push-To-Talk (PTT) over commercial wireless networks, as well as seamless interoperability with legacy and future land mobile radio (LMR) systems.

Harris said its BeOn solution is group-oriented, instantaneous and geared for enterprise customers covering large footprints. Its capabilities will allow users to create centralized dispatch services over commercial 3G or 4G wireless networks, or if needed, connect with legacy LMR system.

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