Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Global Crossing Deploys Veraz ControlSwitch in Latin America

Global Crossing has deployed Veraz Networks' ControlSwitch platform to interconnect its networks in several Latin American countries.

Global Crossing is leveraging the highly distributed architecture of the ControlSwitch by placing the call processing elements of the switch in each of its operating countries, while centralizing operational aspects such as billing and element management. By utilizing these capabilities, Global Crossing is significantly simplifying the management of its Latin American network, providing customers with improved response times, and consequently, facilitating a better overall customer experience.

Veraz said the open interfaces of the ControlSwitch enable Global Crossing to integrate its installed base of media gateways and legacy third-party applications flawlessly into the ControlSwitch, ensuring service continuity to the company's existing customers and improving its ability to introduce new products and services in a seamless manner.

Global Crossing is a leading provider of IP and Ethernet services in the region and has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States (Florida) and the Caribbean region. In addition to its IP-based, fiber-optic network, Global Crossing's regional infrastructure includes 15 metropolitan networks and 15 world-class data centers located in the main business centers of Latin America.