Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freescale Intros New PowerQUICC II Processors

Freescale Semiconductor is introducing a new portfolio of PowerQUICC II Pro processors for applications such as line cards, WLAN access points, intelligent NIC equipment, smart energy gateways, and general purpose controls.

All the new devices incorporate the e300c3 (MPC603e-based) core built on Power Architecture technology, which includes 16 Kbytes of L1 instruction and data caches, IEEE 754 double precision floating point unit, dual integer units and on-chip memory management units (MMUs). The MPC8306/09 devices provide up to 800 MIPS of performance along with high integration and low power consumption, enabling fanless, "green" and low-cost designs.

"The MPC830x portfolio caters to new or existing customers looking for processors with high integration, scalable performance and low power for entry-level networking, industrial control or factory automation applications," said Dhiraj Handa, director and general manager of the Customer Specific Products Division of Freescale's Networking & Multimedia Group.

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