Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FCC Seeks Comments on Preserving the Open Internet

The FCC is seeking public comment on two issues related to Preserving the Open Internet.

The first is the relationship between open Internet protections and services that are provided over the same last-mile facilities as broadband Internet access service (commonly called "managed" or "specialized" services). The FCC is concerned that Open Internet protections may be weakened if broadband providers offer specialized services that are substantially similar to, but do not technically meet the definition of, broadband Internet access service, and if consumer protections do not apply to such services. The Open Internet might also be threatened if broadband providers fail to continue expanding the network capacity allocated to broadband Internet access service in order to provide more capacity for specialized services.

The second is the application of open Internet rules to mobile wireless Internet access services, which have unique
characteristics related to technology, associated application and device markets, and consumer usage. Specifically, the FCC is seeking comment on "how, to what extent, and when" openness principles should apply to mobile wireless platforms, with a particular emphasis on furthering innovation, private investment, competition, and freedom of expression.


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