Monday, August 23, 2010

Ericsson Selects GoAhead's OpenSAFfire

Ericsson has selected GoAhead Software's OpenSAFfire source code for use in high availability platforms.
The OpenSAFfire product is GoAhead's commercial distribution of the OpenSAF open source high availability software project.

"Aligned with our strategy for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software, we are selecting third party products to strengthen the establishment of an ecosystem around standardized SA Forum-based middleware," said Graham Osborne, Head of Development Unit Core & IMS at Ericsson.

In March, GoAhead announced its move to OpenSAF-based solutions and the simultaneous acquisition of the Avantellis product line from Emerson Network Power. The company's experience in high availability and the new capabilities acquired in the Avantellis deal give it a powerful combination of assets for building market-leading high availability open source solutions.

"This is a major milestone for GoAhead," said Asif Naseem, President and COO of GoAhead Software. "We look forward to providing Ericsson with a world-class high availability solution."

  • In July, OpenSAF announced the public availability of Release 4.0 of its high availability (HA) middleware platform. OpenSAF Release 4.0 implements all major functions of the Service Availability Forum Application Interface Specification and includes important enhancements to improve scalability as well as hardware and software management.

    "With Release 4.0, OpenSAF has reached a level of maturity that will broaden its reach and cross-industry impact," said Monica Hatlen of Ericsson, President of the OpenSAF Foundation. "Release 4.0 in many ways fulfills the vision of the initial OpenSAF community when the project was created, and we are proud to offer it to the world. It delivers a cost-effective, standards-based way to create highly available and reliable networks, and its new management features take a big step toward solving larger problems, including network saturation from increased smartphone use. Consumers also will reap this benefit as mobile traffic continues to grow."

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