Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ericsson: Mobile Data Traffic Surges 171%

Based on data provided by its major carrier customers, Ericsson calculates that the volume of data traffic carried across mobile networks nearly tripled (up 171%) in Q2 2010 compared to a year earlier, growing more than 10 times faster than voice. Only about 10% of the global mobile customer base are enrolled in mobile broadband plans.

According to Ericsson statistics, global measured mobile data traffic stands at nearly 225,000 terabytes per month as of the second quarter of 2010.

During December 2009, mobile data surpassed voice on a global basis. The crossover occurred at approximately 140,000 Terabytes per month in both voice and data traffic.

There are regional variations in traffic patterns. In Asia/Pacific, there is still more voice traffic than data traffic. Europe leads the way in mobile data traffic, in part because of earlier 3G rollouts. According to the GSMA, the total mobile broadband subscribers in key European markets will rise from about 22 million at the end of 2009 to over 43 million in 2011.

Other ITU estimates have calculated that the overall number of mobile users worldwide has surpassed five billion.

"The growth and benefits of mobile broadband are undeniable," said Ericsson's Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer & President of Ericsson Silicon Valley HÃ¥kan Eriksson. "The business model for mobile broadband is becoming one of increasing profitability and competitive differentiation through superior quality of service. Operator's focus on end-to-end converged IP networks is key to addressing the dramatic traffic growth, while reducing costs and improving the user experience. For consumers, mobile broadband is transforming the way we communicate and prosper as a society."