Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clearwire Offers Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband, $5/Day

Clearwire launched a pay-as-you-go 4G mobile broadband service with daily, weekly and monthly payment options. The Clearwire "Rover" service, which will be marketed at tech-savvy Gen Y customers, offers unlimited data usage with no bandwidth caps over the company's WiMAX network.

Rover is available in all of Clearwire's 49 4G markets across the U.S. at Rover is also available at CLEAR stores, Best Buy stores and select independent wireless dealers in Houston and St. Louis.

Clearwire is betting that the market for prepaid mobile services in the U.S. is expanding beyond consumers with credit issues. The company believes there will be a growing segment, especially among younger consumers, who wish to be connected with mobile broadband wherever they go, but who prefer simplicity over a long-term contract.

"Simple, commitment-free wireless services are wildly popular with the Gen Y crowd, and Rover provides them with the first pay-as-you-go unlimited mobile internet offering at 4G speeds," said Mike Sievert, chief commercial officer for Clearwire.

Rover's flagship device is the Rover Puck: a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that lets the user share broadband access, or "Puck", with up to eight devices or friends in Wi-Fi range. The Rover Puck promises mobile download speeds of 3 to 6 mbps, with bursts over 10 Mbps. The device is priced at $149.99 (plus tax). Clearwire will also offer a 4G USB modem for $99.99 (plus tax).