Sunday, August 8, 2010

CALIENT and Freeport Offer Govt Teleconferencing

CALIENT Technologies, which supplies MEMS-based photonic switching systems, is working with Freeport Technologies to deliver a video teleconference solution that can accommodate multiple government security domains without breeching network security. The new solution combines CALIENT's FiberConnect 320X adaptive photonic switch and Freeport's Enterprise Video Network Switch (VNS) to enable a single CODEC to be used for up to five network security domains without breaching a security domain, making it ideal for government agency video teleconferencing (VTC) and other multi-domain applications.

Previous VTC solutions required duplicate VTC systems and fiber-optic network connections in each conference room or desktop for each domain supported. Most defense or intelligence agency applications require at least two or more domains to cover various top secret, secret and unclassified video conferences.

Freeport's patent-pending VNS allows users to change the security level of its CODEC in a way that flushes the CODEC of any residual data and returns it to its original state. Similarly, the FiberConnect 320X photonic switch works within security domains because it's an all-optical switch that switches only photons with no common data plane or management plane where data could cross domains.