Thursday, August 5, 2010

Avere Raises $17 Million for Demand-Driven Storage

Avere Systems, start-up based in Pittsburgh, PA, raised $17 million in new venture funding to support its Demand-driven Storage,br solutions.

Avere aims to deliver faster application performance at lower cost by intelligently moving active data between traditional storage devices and its series of FXT appliances, which contain both solid-state storage and traditional spinning media. Reads, writes and metadata are allocated to storage media via Avere's unique approach to dynamic tiering. Allocation algorithms running on the FXT appliances monitor access frequency patterns and workload type and manage data placement on multiple internal tiers to increase performance, distribute workload in the cluster and minimize requests to the mass storage server. Movement of data occurs in real-time - not in hours or days - and occurs at the file-level or even block-level within a file. All of this is done automatically by the system.

The Avere appliances can be clustered for maximum scalability. The company claims a 5:1 reduction in disks, power, and rack space.

Avere launched its FXT Series appliances less than a year ago and the company said its has closed major deals with customers like Sony Pictures Imageworks and GX Technology.

The series B funding round was led by Tenaya Capital and included original investors Menlo Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners.

  • Avere is headed by Ronald Bianchini, Jr. (co-founder, President and CEO), who previously was a Senior Vice President at NetApp, where he served as the leader of the NetApp Pittsburgh Technology Center. Before NetApp, he was CEO and Co-Founder of Spinnaker Networks, which developed the Storage Grid architecture acquired by NetApp.