Monday, August 23, 2010

Arista Offers Visibility into VMWare Switch Virtualization

Arista Networks has updated its EOS (Extensible Operating System) software capabilities with a new "Arista VM Tracer" capability that uniquely bridges the gap between the physical and virtual networks by providing new levels of visibility into the virtualization layer while enabling VMware administrators to have seamless control through the VMware vSphere interface.

Arista said its goal is to make it operationally simple to converge the management of physical and virtual networks, thus facilitating departmental cooperation. Arista's VM Tracer automatically creates, prunes, and opens VLANs (Virtual LANs) across the network infrastructure as new virtual machines are added, moved, or changed. The Arista Cloud Network works in close concert with the VMware vSphere vNetwork virtual networking technology to always keep the network stable, support multi-tenancy, and react in real-time to changes.

"VMware's vision of the private cloud enables customers increased levels of control and efficiency while simplifying management," said Parag Patel, vice president, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware. "An important ingredient of this vision is ensuring the different teams in the IT department have the information and control they need. Arista VM Tracer, which complements VMware vSphere4 vNetwork Distributed switch technology, bridges the divide between the network and server teams, helping streamline their cloud deployments."

VM Tracer is available immediately as a software license within Arista EOS 4.5 and higher, and is priced according to the switching platform on which it is operating.

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