Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Verizon Global Wholesale Expands its White-Label Offerings

Verizon Global Wholesale is expanding its portfolio of services to include two white-label, or non-branded, high-speed Internet (HSI) options.

Starting immediately, wholesale customers can offer Verizon's DSL-based services -- Broadband Traffic Aggregation Service (BTAS) and InfoSpeed DSL Service -- under the customers' own branding.

Verizon's BTAS offers a turnkey solution for national providers that want to offer an easy-to-implement HSI service across the U.S. InfoSpeed, generally a regional service, provides the local access portion of DSL to providers that already operate an ATM backbone and that have local points of presence, allowing them to apply their own quality control to their services. Verizon Global Wholesale can also create ATM networks for providers.

Under the new options, a carrier can repackage the services with its own branding, including the name of the service, the URLs associated with it and the "company-dot-com" or "service-dot-net" e-mail addresses.

Verizon Global Wholesale offers HSI services with speeds up to 7.1 Mbps (download) and 768 Kbps (upload).