Thursday, July 15, 2010

Panda Security Grows its Cloud/SaaS Business

Panda Security launched version 5.04.50 of its Panda Cloud Office Protection, a cloud-based security solution for business endpoints. One of the new features is a heuristics technology for preventing infections from unknown malware, allowing it to block threats even if the user is offline at the time of detection, or if the malware strain is new. Panda Cloud Office Protection is also now compatible with Office 2010, as well as its capacity to scan email messages stored in Windows Live Mail.

Panda said its new heuristic engine not only classifies files as suspicious, but also as malware or goodware, minimizing the risk of false positives. It also contains a small signature file that includes data about active malware every day, making protection more efficient with less impact on the user's PC. In addition, signature file updates are truly automatic requiring no administrative intervention to deploy and implement them across every workstation on the network.

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