Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NTT Com Opens Data Centers in Vietnam and Singapore

NTT Communications will open premium data centers in Vietnam and Singapore and also launch a new service that enables enterprise customers to quickly establish seamless connectivity between core data centers under a major new strategy to expand business in the fast-growing Asian region.

The Ho Chi Minh City Data Center will launch as a premium data center in the city center in the third quarter of calendar 2011, joining the Thang Long Data Center in Hanoi as NTT Com's second data center in Vietnam. It will be designed, constructed and operated by Global Data Service JSC (GDS), a joint venture between NTT Com and the government-owned Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT), the largest telecom in Vietnam.

The Singapore Serangoon Data Center will begin operating as a dedicated premium data center in Singapore in the first quarter of calendar 2012. The NTT Com-designed facility will be constructed and operated by NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corp., which specializes in the procurement and management of data centers worldwide for the NTT Com Group.

The Inter-Data center Connectivity Service forms the second pillar of NTT Com's new strategy for expanding world-class ICT solutions and quality of service in Asia. The service will utilize a large-capacity backbone for high-speed, seamless rack-to-rack connectivity between core data centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. Applications for the Inter-Data Center Connectivity Service will be accepted from September. The service will be offered with guaranteed bandwidth (Type A) or best-effort delivery (Type B). Type B will be uniformly priced worldwide, while Type A pricing will depend on the user's requirements.

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