Sunday, July 18, 2010

Netsnapper Builds Mobile Optimization Platform

San Jose, California-based Netsnapper has enhanced its mobile traffic optimization platform for services delivered with a data card or smart phone using Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems, and Symbian and WinMo Mobile Devices.

Netsnapper claims its solution for data traffic optimization and compression can alleviate network traffic congestion for carriers and enterprises by up to 30%. The Netsnapper platform combines traffic optimization, seamless switching, data offload, session persistence, security and interface management. This company said this enables any carrier or enterprise to perform several traffic management functions simultaneously over the core and backhaul, leading to superior control over network traffic, greater traffic reduction and significant cost savings.

"The newly upgraded Netsnapper platform enables enterprises to use our platform on a wider variety of devices and data cards," said Juan Arimany, Managing Director, Netsnapper. "With the growing consumption of data services in the market today, Netsnapper addresses a critical need in the market place. Consumption rates of 800 Megs per-user per-month were unthinkable even three years ago and enterprises are now faced with the very real challenge of managing today's network traffic. Netsnapper is the only market player that can combine the wealth of network traffic management tools in one solution."