Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mu Dynamics Scales Network Testing

Mu Dynamics has enhanced its IP testing suite with new capabilities that enable developers to simulate huge numbers of users, sessions and applications for next-generation network services.

Mu's Active Service Replication (ASR) technology transforms the actual service interactions into parameterized test scenarios, which allows the testing of applications, services and the application-aware network. With this approach, customers can automatically generate tailor-made test cases replicating the actual mobile application, service and underlying network infrastructure.

For instance, the Mu solution could be used to transform captured packets into a test that simulates and verifies the performance of hundreds of virtual machines in a data center, the network impact of 10,000s of gamers on smart phones, or the likely server bottlenecks if a million people simultaneously sent a tweet or SMS in response to a television ad.

"Networks have transformed, applications are proliferating, virtualization and cloud deployments are accelerating. But until now customers have been limited to testing their applications, services and infrastructure using legacy 'bit-blasting' network protocol testing tools that generate synthetic traffic from canned tests. When these services go live, they then run into serious issues because the testing did not truly replicate the environments into which these solutions are deployed," said Dave Kresse, Mu's CEO. "If you're not using actual service interactions to test your services, then your testing is insufficient. We see evidence of this every day in the form of public outages and dissatisfied consumers."

Key Capabilities of the Mu Studio Scale include:

  • Active Service Replication (ASR), the technology that transforms actual service interactions into parameterized tests scenarios against live servers or application-aware gateways

  • Real-time performance monitors that provide insight into how the service or application is behaving at scale to proactively identify bottlenecks

  • Integration into the Mu Test Suite which allows the same test scenarios to be leveraged for scale, functional, regression, resilience and security testing.