Wednesday, July 28, 2010

IP Infusion Moves Ahead with MPLS-TP

IP Infusion is preparing to add MPLS-TP (MPLS-Transport Profile) functionality to its ZebOS Network Platform software, which is widely used by network equipment manufacturers. The forthcoming MPLS-TP specification, which is expected to be finalized next year, will enable carriers to extend their core IP/MPLS network to the edge of mobile networks. MPLS-TP will enable automated maintenance, administration, provisioning and bandwidth management functions in the mobile aggregation network.

IP Infusion said its ZebOS MPLS-TP will preserve the operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) and management characteristics allowing a full end-to-end integration with existing and future IP/MPLS infrastructures. By using IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP from ZebOS, OEMs will be able to provide a consistent way of provisioning, troubleshooting and managing the networks from edge to edge.

MPLS-TP has been engineered specifically for transport networks. It is a reliable connection-oriented, packet-switched transport layer technology that is aligned with existing circuit-switched transport networking. MPLS-TP overlays on existing MPLS networks to provide:

  • Standardized control plane functionality

  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)

  • End-to-end Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM)

  • Reduced network equipment footprint

  • OAM monitors and drives protection switching

  • Support for existing management processes and work procedures

Initially, IP Infusion will be supporting MPLS-TP static capabilities. This will be updated to full MPLS-TP capabilities as the specification is completed.

IP Infusion has also added support for G MPLS to ZebOS, which can be used as a dynamic control plane with MPLS-TP so that the network sets up Label Switching Paths (LSPs) and PseudoWires (PWEs). GMPLS is based on the TE extensions to MPLS (MPLS-TE). It may also be used to set up the OAM function and define recovery mechanisms.

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