Sunday, July 18, 2010

BT Outlines its National Smart Meter Rollout Bid

BT outlined its vision for how the UK should rollout a smart meter network to cover 28 million homes and small business properties by 2020 or sooner.

BT is backing long range radio as the preferred technology because, unlike mobile, "it can provide truly nationwide coverage and dependable reception indoors." It also operates on dedicated licensed spectrum.

The envisaged solution will create a dedicated network specifically for the smart metering programme and use Arqiva's radio spectrum and extensive radio infrastructure, with BT providing its expertise in delivering complex national IT and telecommunications projects and Detica providing robust information and infrastructure security services.

The partners will be supported by Sensus who specialize in enabling smart meters and smart grids and they will be providing their long range radio technology, Flexent. Their technology is already widely proven in other countries and this experience will ensure that the companies benefit from lessons learnt elsewhere.

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