Monday, July 26, 2010

AudioCodes Expands Enterprise Session Border Controller Line

AudioCodes announced the expansion of Enterprise Session Border Controller (E‐SBC) capabilities for the Mediant 1000 and Mediant 3000 platforms with new features targeted at SIP Trunking, Hosted IP‐PBX, Remote Extension, Contact Center and Conferencing services. The new capabilities address the needs of those users who want a combined solution of a media gateway with a Session Border Controller, as well as those users who want stand‐alone Session Border Controllers.

AudioCodes' E‐SBC family delivers perimeter VoIP defense, signaling mediation and media transcoding, as well as QoS monitoring and SLA enforcement. AudioCodes Mediant 1000 and Mediant 3000 E‐SBC configurations address the needs of SMB, SME and larger enterprises.

"As the VoIP market continues to grow with more and more enterprises moving to IP‐based Service Provider networks, the demand for secure VoIP peering is increasing," said Nimrod Borovsky, AudioCodes' Vice President of Marketing. "With our Enterprise Session Border Controller capabilities, customers can safely and transparently migrate from traditional PSTN to SIP Trunking, protecting not only their network from new world VoIP security threats, but also their existing investment in IP and TDM PBX equipment. Customers have been reacting very positively to the new E‐SBC offerings, as well as to the additional Multi‐Service Business Gateway capabilities of the product."