Sunday, June 6, 2010

ZTE Debuts Commercial TD-LTE Base Stations

ZTE announced commercial availability of two TD-LTE base stations: BBU- B8300 and RRU- R8962.

ZTE's B8300 TD-LTE base station is based on ZTE's SDR unified platform and can be upgraded from TD-SCDMA mode to TD-LTE or TD/TD-LTE dual mode. The R8962 TD-LTE base station supports two channels with 20W transmission power each. Product features include multi-mode functions of TD/TD-LTE, as well as multi-band 2.3/2.6 GHz and multi-scenario indoor/outdoor applications.

ZTE noted that it has now deployed more than 250 thousand SDR base stations across the globe, including in mainland China, Hong Kong, India and Chile. The company constructed a TD-LTE network for the Shanghai World Expo Press Center, and the company's 2G/3G dual-mode base station built upon the SDR platform was nominated for a GSMA Global Mobile Award in 2009.

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