Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Xelerated Samples 100 Gbps Network Processor

Xelerated has begun sampling its HX family of network processor units (NPUs), which can process 100 Gbps of Ethernet traffic at wirespeed for any packet size. The silicon is aimed at a new generation Carrier Ethernet switches and routers.

Xelerated's HX family of NPUs integrate Ethernet MACs, programmable switching and advanced traffic management for the delivery of fine-granular Quality of Service (QoS). They also feature Xelerated's Dataflow packet processing architecture for wirespeed deterministic performance with programmability. The silicon architecture uses a single pipeline of hundreds of processor cores specifically designed for packet processing that can be programmed to perform any type of operations on the packets.

Xelerated said its latest NPU crosses the 100 Gbps performance threshold. The company is also making available a range of software and tools, including its reference design kit (RDK), software development tools, and data plane software. This includes a Metro Ethernet Application (MEA) data plane software that provides simultaneous support for Ethernet, PB, PBB, VPLS, IP, MPLS and OAM traffic with strict wirespeed guarantees. The software is provided in source code to allow for system vendor customization.