Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vopium Raises $16.5 Million for Mobile Alternative Skype

Vopium, a start-up based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has raised US$16.5 million from an Indian investor to support its efforts to launch a mobile alternative to Skype. The Indian investor, Raghuvinder Kataria, along with his own investment company are underwriting the funding.

Vopium, which is headed by Tanveer Sharif, was originally intended for immigrants to Denmark who were looking for cheap telephony solutions to get in contact with family and friends in distant countries. The company's target has since been expanded to all people and companies who want to make cheap international phone calls. The mobile client software enables users to make very cheap calls, e.g. from Denmark to the US for only $0.02 per minute.

The company claims one million users have already installed Vopium on their mobile phone and 250,000 users in 49 countries are using the solution.

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