Monday, June 7, 2010

Virtela Launches Cloud-Based Application Acceleration Service

Virtela, which provides global managed network services through partnerships with 500+ carriers, introduced a virtualized application acceleration service for enterprises that promises performance boosts of up to 25x without the upfront investment of acceleration hardware. Specifically, Virtela's virtualized acceleration service leverages the network cloud instead of dedicated hardware appliances at each branch office.

Virtela is operating 50 Local Cloud Centers (LCCs), distributed around the world in close proximity to end users, to accelerate applications immediately, near the content source. The service applies caching, compression, higher layer communication protocol and other application optimization techniques to reduce application chattiness, resulting in the 5-25x performance boost.

Virrtela said its service can be activated instantly in more than 190 countries at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. The service is just $5 per day per branch office location. For example, a 20-branch-office network that follows a traditional device-dependent approach would cost $200,000 in year one, compared to $36,000 with Virtela's cloud-based model - five times less.

The new service accelerates applications between any location - headquarters, data centers, branch offices, mobile workers and partner sites - anywhere in the world. Some of the performance gains include:

  • 7-25x for Microsoft Windows File Sharing (e.g., Microsoft Office)

  • 5-17x for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Email

  • 5-13x for ERP/CRM Applications (e.g., Siebel, Oracle,

  • 6-10x for Web-based Collaboration (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle WebCenter)

  • 10-25x for Data Backup and Storage (e.g., EMC, NetApp, Amazon EC2)

Virtela is backing its price/performance claims with an application response time guarantee: "if customers do not experience faster response times, they do not pay - and Virtela will pay them 250% of their service charge."