Monday, June 14, 2010

Taiwan's Chunghwa Selects D-Link/Ikanos Equipment

Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's largest telecommunications operator, has selected Ikanos-based VDSL2 central office (CO) products and customer premises equipment (CPE) from D-Link for its high-speed multimedia service deployments. The Ikanos-based modems and IP DSLAMs are being utilized by Chunghwa Telecom in its next-generation fiber and VDSL network deployment, planned for roll out in the second half of 2010.

D-Link is using Ikanos' Fusiv Vx180 communications processor in its VDSL2 modem, the DSL-6541K. Ikanos' Fusiv Vx180 is a low-power, single-chip communications processor that incorporates a MIPS-based CPU core capable of 500 MHz processing speeds, digital signal processor (DSP)-based VoIP capabilities and security.

D-Link's DEV-3726K 24-port IP DSLAMs being deployed by Chunghwa Telecom include Ikanos' low power broadband DSL CO chipsets. These chipsets incorporate Ikanos Quality Video (iQV) technology --- a combination of ITU G.inp compliant retransmission and Rapid Rate Adaptation (advanced ITU-T compliant SOS, SRA and Bitswap) technologies. This enables the chipset to intelligently adjust its data rate instantly to provide optimal quality in any line condition. Ikanos said that even in very noisy conditions, its iQV maintains image quality with no degradation. Additionally, the chipsets support 100 Mbps symmetrical performance and enhanced impulse noise protection (INP) schemes.

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